Thursday, January 3, 2013

toffee apple crochet booties

Well im very proud of this post. I have finally started to learn how to crochet now that i have the time to learn. I have watch my mum make grany square blankets for years and have always wanted to learn the skill of crochet. So I invested some time between feeding bub to find some videos on line that i could understand and create a project. I found this video on You Tube and the link to this blog called Crochethooksyou and with a little practice I made my first set of booties.

As you can see i really had to stretch them to fit my 10 week old bubba foot so the pattern is really suited to a new newborn. I ended up doing these with a 4mm crochet hook cause i need it to learn the stiches. the wool i used was Panda cotton blend 8 ply as i could not find the lincraft bamboozl like the pattern says to use. Sometimes  i get so frustrated with lincraft as they never have the stuff that you want. i do find spotlight sightly better. Anyway i was able to work with the wool that i picked.
Then i thought i was an expert and i make another pair and picked the colours myself
and this is how they turned out,as you can see the 2nd pair i did turned out a lot neater.
So i made my second pair for a little boy that my friend is having in a few months and i have used  two shaded  of blue and used the second shade where it is white on the pattern and on the front band.
again check out Paula blog and you tube videos for the pattern for theres very cute little booties
Till next time


  1. That is amazing! Well done! I have heaps of crochet patterns if you want to copy any! I get a lot of my patterns from Esty too.

  2. Oh my goodness, these are so cute! You're so clever! I don't know how to crochet, but really should learn because I like tea towels with the crocheted tops to put on my kitchen door knobs....thankfully mum does them for me, but I should probably learn for myself!