Saturday, May 11, 2013

Another Nappy Cake

Just to show you guys another nappy cake that I put together for a baby shower that I have next month. My friend is having a boy so I was able to use a few things that I got eg blankets and stuffed toys. So these are a really great present as I get the chance to get creative between feeds and nappy changing. This cake I have about 30 infant nappies in the base. I use infant size cause newborn is only up to 5 kg and most people's kids seem to be born at 3-4kg so there in the next size nappy before you know it. They also make the base bigger. The 2nd tier I have used some pumpkin patch onsies . You can make it a bit cheaper by using clothes from Kmart or big w. then I have made lollipops out of two face washers rolled together. All I have to do I cellophane it together and all done

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