Saturday, March 5, 2011

baby shower gift

I have been meaning to post this as this is the other half of the baby shower gift i had made for a girlfriend who's shower was meant to be right now but she went into labor last night 7 weeks early. so this is a cushion that is meant to go with the tummy time blanket i made two weeks ago. I thinking you can use it for a nursing chair or just to decorate the babys rooms. i was trying to make the cushion in a heart shape but it just did not work so i had to go back to what i know... square. Spotlight at the moment have a great range of this material and its great for babys gifts so i have stocked up to make lots of special gifts for lots of special friends

till next time

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  1. Hi Rachel, this is so cute, love the owls.
    I have sent a blog award your way, details are on my blog.